Career Alignment For Greater Success and Happiness


This book arose out of necessity. My career path had felt wrong for a number of years. Intuition told me that I had a different legacy to write.The problem became one of finding a new path; the right path; the best path. As I scoured the best selling career books I was left let down, without answers.

The books I read were too vague, too complex or too incomplete.

I knew I needed a model that I could apply to the challenge of finding the right career path. With a background in creating models to solve complex problems, I set out to do exactly that.

The model had to take into account the journey that I had been on for the last few years, whilst exploring different career directions. I had to find something that could help make sense of seemingly diverse career paths, including ‘basketball coach’, ‘data analytics’ and ‘teacher’.

Not only did I need to understand these alternative paths but I needed a way to evaluate them and ultimately make decisions to move forward in a new direction.

And then the ‘light bulb’ moment happened…..and the following concept of alignment became very clear to me.

From that point on, everything made sense and I knew I would ultimately solve my own career challenges. In basketball coaching I had followed a preferences led path. In Data Analytics I was attracted to a strengths led path. In teaching I was drawn to a values led path.

The obvious question became whether I could combine all these paths to create the optimal career?

Using the model for my own benefit is one thing, but I knew if this was to be helpful to others then it needed to have some proof behind it.

The more I looked the more I found.

The concept of career aligment dated all the way back to Frank Parsons in 1909. The Godfather of modern career advice chose to open his ground breaking book (‘Choosing a Vocation‘) with the following paragraph:

“No step in life, unless it may be the choice of a husband or wife, is more important than the choice of a vocation. The wise selection of the business, profession, trade, or occupation to which one’s life is to be devoted and the development of full efficiency in the chosen field are matters of the deepest moment to young men and to the public. These vital problems should be solved in a careful, scientific way, with due regard to each person’s aptitudes, abilities, ambitions, resources, and limitations, and the relations of these elements to the conditions of success in different industries.”

The more I researched aligning your career to your strengths, values and preferences, the more positive evidence I found. Performance, engagement, motivation, attitude and overall satisfaction were impacted in a positive way.

With possible alternative paths comes choice. I wanted to find a way to compare and score multiple roles to see which one shows the greatest alignment. More than anything I knew that your current role needed to be a big part of this evaluation process.

Most of all, I wanted to give YOU the experience that I had of ‘working it out’. So I built 6 TOOLS, automated them and have made them a part of the book offer. These tools will allow you to do everything from identifying your strengths and values to understanding how your role stacks up against these key elements. It also allows you to score any identified roles against your strengths, values and preferences so that you can be confident that you are making the right decision.

The ‘WHY YOUR BOSS CAN’T HELP YOU’ book combined with the 6 FREE TOOLS will help you take control of your career and drive it towards a path of greater success and happiness.

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