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I simply believe in chasing greatness for you and myself. If you need a little more than that then please read on.


Coaching for me is about helping people reach their true potential and live a life of purpose and meaning. It’s really that simple. Some people will need help shaping their challenges and will benefit from using certain practical models that aid their understanding and provide direction. I have a strong interest in developing models that help people make sense of and progress everyday challenges. The books I write tend to focus in this area.

Some people will need help with their mental game and creating the right mindset and habits that enable success. I love helping established and aspiring athletes reach their full potential. Mental skills are not the sole reserve of athletes and people looking to improve their career and life can benefit greatly from improving their mental game.

Some people will need help with direction and purpose and making tough decisions in careers and life. I am a big believer in aligning your career and life to your strengths, values and preferences. Some people will need help with execution; setting goals, creating plans, taking the first step and persevering through challenges.

Above all, I treat you as an individual and help you create the belief, commitment, purpose and plan so that you can chase your own brand of greatness.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) approved professional coach training that I have undertaken was THE EXECUTIVE MASTER COACH ICF program with the Life Coaching Academy. The training was a combination of pure coaching and NLP and has enabled me to follow the ICF coach certification pathway.




Other Interests

I’ve always had an interest in physical training and the body. Initially these interests were directed towards becoming the best basketball athlete that I could be. Nothing was off limits as I drew from areas as diverse as Pilates, Yoga, Jump training, strength training, Isometric Stretching and Ayurveda.

The drawback of all this experimentation was that my body and pelvis became thoroughly out of alignment in my mid twenties. For years I was unable to make any real progress, despite the number of so called ‘experts’ that I saw. A few years ago I decided to stop all normal exercise habits and throw myself deeply into researching my body alignment challenges. These last few years have been an incredible journey and unearthed some very specific and useful techniques such as Somatics and Egoscue.

As I continue my studies in these areas my hope is that I can help people going through similar challenges avoid the years and thousands of dollars that I spent seeing people that really had very little idea how to deal with these kind of alignment challenges. At present I do not offer coaching in this area but would be more than happy to share my experiences.

Basketball has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager. As a level 2 coach in Australia I am always involved in coaching in some capacity. My main interests are helping elite players develop.



My Life

I moved from England to Australia in 2007 and now enjoy life on the Northern beaches of Sydney with my incredible family.