Strengths Assessment Tool


All too often in our careers we get ourselves in situations where we are simply not playing to our greatest strengths. Maybe our career started out on a strengths path, but somewhere down the track we took a role that required less of our greatest strengths and more of those things that we’re just not as gifted at.

The problem with this is that eventually everything starts to get impacted. Perhaps, performance is the first to go. For some reason, however hard we work, we can’t quite seem to hit those performance highs that we experienced previously. Next motivation takes a dip. Working on activities that don’t require your greatest strengths is harder and altogether less enjoyable. You can be sure that right behind motivation is engagement. With everything harder and less enjoyable we suddenly start to develop a more negative sense of work. As we disengage from work the situation just gets worse until the whole experience of work becomes a negative and draining experience.

The first step is starting to get to know your greatest strengths. This can seem difficult at first as organisations have been great and growing a development (weaknesses) mindset, rather than a strengths mindset. Yet everyone has strengths and the evidence is always there if you look in the right places.

The STRENGTHS ASSESSMENT TOOL from is an excellent starting point to help you get to know your greatest strengths and start using them to your advantage in work and life. The tool allows you to score yourself on over 45 different key strengths and then run the report to see your key top 5 strengths as well as your full strengths profile.

With your top strengths identified you can start to build a career and life around your greatest strengths. The ‘WHY YOUR BOSS CAN’T HELP YOU’ book helps you turn your strengths into fully aligned roles, so that you can start to boost your performance and enjoyment at work.

Put your life and career on a strengths path today and start your journey to success!!