Role Scorecard Tool


Whether you are going through a career transition or simply looking to get your career off and running, the chances are you will be looking at more than one possible path and role. Make no mistake about it – these are big decisions that could impact your life in a major way.

This is not the time for tossing a coin and hoping for the best! You need a rigorous way of evaluating each of the roles and options against a set of meaningful criteria. You need to know that your BIG decision is backed up by a proper process that you can feel confident in.

This is where the ROLE SCORECARD TOOL comes in. The tool allows you to score and compare up to 4 roles, with a choice of the alignment scorecard or the extended alignment scorecard.

Your long term success and happiness in your career is dependent on securing a career and role that demonstrates good alignment to your strengths, values and preferences. The extended alignment scorecard also enables you to score roles against financial and work/life balance goals that you have.

All you have to do is enter the role titles, press the button and then populate the scorecard for each role. At the end, you can run the ROLE COMPARISON REPORT to get an instant view of how each role compares.

This process forces you to look at each role objectively and weigh each one against those things that really matter.

Only YOU can make the tough decisions on your career, but the ROLE SCORECARD TOOL just made life a lot easier!!