Role Mapping Tool


If your current role isn’t working out how you’d hoped then you need to find out why. Information about your current role can be used to your advantage as part of your journey to a better and more fulfilling career.

Before you decide to change role you need to gain an understanding of those activities that you do and don’t like, as well as understanding those activities that allow you to perform to your best and engage you the deepest.

There are often more opportunities than you may realise to change the activity mix of an existing role in your favour. Performing more of those activities that play to your strengths and interests can have a big impact on your day to day satisfaction, engagement, performance and enjoyment.

The first reaction to an unhappy career is often to simply perform the same (or very similar) role at another organisation. Excited by the new environment and challenge, motivation and performance take an initial boost. BUT……after the honeymoon period is over you find yourself performing the same set of daily activities as before……….AND……the outcome is often the same. This PRESS REPEAT strategy is not the way to solve your career challenges.

The ROLE MAPPING TOOL allows you to capture your core daily activities and build up a profile of your typical week.

With your core week captured you are then able to enter your top 3 Strengths, Values and Preferences. Make sure you have downloaded and completed the Strengths and Values assessments.

With a simple press of the button your ROLE MAPPING SCORECARD is generated for you.

As you complete each activity during the week you simply fill out the role mapping scorecard, rating each activity against each strength, value and preference. You also rate your level of performance, enjoyment and challenge for each activity.

With the role mapping scorecard complete you are ready to generate your ROLE MAPPING REPORTS AND GRAPHS. These reports help you find out which activities are suited to you and which ones are causing you frustration. These reports play an important part in your overall analysis to help you find a better role and career. Armed with this knowledge you are better placed to start shaping your current role or embarking on a search for a new role that will improve your alignment to your strengths, values and preferences.

Download the ROLE MAPPING TOOL today and start finding those activities that are suited to YOU.