Resume Builder Tool


A winning resume can go a long way to helping you secure that dream role. Executed correctly and the resume will immediately grab attention, show relevant skills and experience for the job and present the candidate in the best possible light.

The problem is that all too often we fail to deliver a winning resume. We tend to get confused about the best order to present the information. We waffle too much and end up with a full ‘life story’ in the hope that some of it will hit the mark. We fail to separate out daily responsibilities from eye catching achievements. Perhaps worst of all, we fail to tailor the resume to each role.

This is where the RESUME BUILDER TOOL from comes to the rescue. The resume builder lets you capture all the relevant information in an easy to input manner and then does the hard part for you – creating a winning resume! All you have to do is select the relevant resume type and press the button! It’s that simple. Best of all, the resume builder lets you easily edit your information and change the order of points without having to recreate a whole new resume. Simply make the necessary tweaks for each role and then PRESS THE BUTTON!

The EXPERIENCE PRO template is for those candidates with a good deal of work experience. You can capture up to 8 previous roles as well as professional qualifications and other key information.

The GRAD PRO template is for those with less work experience who might be better served highlighting educational achievements and other relevant experience. With an extended education section the GRAD PRO encourages you to highlight your most relevant education modules to give you the best chance of securing the role.

Perhaps best of all the resume builder forces you to be concise and punchy. With only a certain amount of space for each separate point you need to think about crafting the best possible statement that hits the mark. Don’t panic, there are plenty of examples and useful links to help you achieve this.

Get the RESUME BUILDER today and never write another resume in your life!!