What is Performance Coaching

I prefer to use the term performance coaching rather than life coaching or career coaching, because, for me, that is the essence of professional personal coaching. You are going to improve your performance in whatever area of your life you choose to be coached on. Of course, most people choose to focus on their broader life direction or career, but I have had clients that choose to focus on relationships or health. The main point is that as the client you are always in control of the agenda and topics for discussion.

What Will You Gain From Performance Coaching

Professional coaching has been around long enough to have a substantial amount of scientifically researched information behind it. Coaching is a goal focused process and can certainly help clients create and achieve meaningful goals. But people who have been through coaching understand that it is a lot more than that. Coaching allows the client to explore their own world and increase their insight and awareness to their key values and strengths as well as any habits and tendencies that may be holding them back.

What Performance Coaching Is Not

It is easy to think that when you hire a coach you will be getting advice and guidance. Yet professionally trained coaches know that in order for clients to derive the maximum long term benefits, the coach needs to remain squarely in the role of facilitating brilliance and avoid interfering with the process by giving their own opinions and advice. Performed correctly and the coaching process is a dance between client and coach with the latter helping the former make their own amazing discoveries.

Am I The Right Performance Coach For You

There are a lot of personal coaches out there, so I try to distinguish myself in a number of ways. The first way is through my commitment to professional training and coaching education. A lot of coaches will take a life coaching course and completely ignore the academic world of evidence based coaching. I make sure I stay fully up to date with both worlds, bringing a mix of practical coaching skills and academically backed knowledge. The second way is through my own research and publishing activities. My first self help (career) book has taken me deep into the theory and practice of strengths, values and interests. I use this knowledge to help my coaching clients. Lastly, my own personal growth endeavours give me a great deal of empathy with my clients. I have gone through a career change process, written my first book, launched an online business, started the piano as an adult and explored the world of body alignment and functional movement for the last few years. All these experiences help me keep a balanced and empathic view on my clients challenges and aspirations.

Performance Coaching Costs

I charge $100 (Australian Dollars) per session, $500 for 6 sessions or $900 for 12 sessions. Each session last between 45 minutes to 1 hour and can be performed face to face (Sydney CBD or Northern Beaches) or over the phone or Skype. Telephone or Skype coaching is still incredibly effective. Each relationships starts with a free 1 hour consultation to ensure that both parties are right for each other.

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