Twitter Backgrounds

Create Your Own Twitter Backgrounds with GIMP for Free

The easiest way to create your twitter backgrounds is to use the free image editing software GIMP.

Step 1: Download GIMP 2.8.2 for Free at

Step 2: Open GIMP and take a moment to reflect on how intuitive it is!!! (it’s really not).

Step 3: Bring up the Toolbox and Layers box
Tools – New Toolbox
Windows – Recently closed……

Step 4: Set up the canvas.
File -> New -> Enter dimensions (1500px wide by 500px high)

Step 5: Add Layers.
Layer -> New Layer -> 1500 by 60 (high). This goes at top of canvas
Layer -> New Layer -> 1500 by 60 (high). This goes at bottom of canvas (see image below as to how you can move a layer)
Layer -> New Layer -> 500 wide by 175 high. Move to bottom left hand corner of canvas.

See image below for first 2 layers added and how you can move and color layers. Color the 3 layers in black.

Step 6: Create your magic in the safe zone.

See video below for more info.